The operational programme is aimed at “improvement of the environment and rational use of resources through the building up and improvement of environmental infrastructure of the Slovak Republic in concordance with the regulations of the European Union and the Slovak Republic, and at strengthening of the environmental aspect of sustainable development”.

The global aim of the programme is to assist in the fulfillment of the target of the strategic priority, Infrastructural and regional accessibility, which is '' to improve the availability of regional infrastructure and effectiveness of related public services''. Activities within the operational programme’s priority axes are complemented by some activities which will be supported by ROP and OP Competitiveness and Economic Growth. The programme will contribute to finalizing the development of a favorable business environment, which is the ground stone of long-term competitiveness and growth of every free-market economy, and one of the main priorities of the National Reform Programme (field of renewable sources of energy). At the same time, OP Environment contributes to the fact that economic and social progress goes hand in hand with preservation of the environment for next generations, and keeps its long-term sustainable character.

The executive authority of OP Environment is the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution of ES for this operational programme is 1 800 000 000 EUR. Operational Programme Environment was approved by EC on 8. 11. 2007.


Operational Programme Environment: 

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