The global target of the OP Education is to provide long-term competitiveness of the Slovak Republic by means of adapting the educational system to the needs of a knowledge-based economy. Through the ESF contributions, the operational programme shall finance the creation and support of human capital towards acquiring basic skills and key competences required by the knowledge-based economy as well as by the labor market.

OP Education covers all levels of the educational system – primary, secondary, universities and other education. All levels of the educational system must be interconnected with the needs of the labour market and the challenges of a knowledge-based society. Modernization and support of education on all levels of the educational system is a necessary part of development of a knowledge-based society in the Slovak Republic. Contributions in this sector lead to initiation and strengthening of processes, which will secure the competitiveness of the Slovak Republic in the European and global framework, as well as comprehensive improvement of education, creativity, skills, and personal freedom of every citizen.

The executive authority of OP Education is the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution of ES for this operational programme is 617 801 578 EUR. Operational programme Education was approved by EC on 7. 11. 2007.


Operational Programme Education:

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